USR, short for U.S. Robotics Corporation, is a world renowned manufacturer of computer modems and other related products. The brand is known for the high level of quality it maintains in offering latest communication technologies. It brings you reliable connection support and makes business transaction over the web highly safe. USR caters to different segments, offering products like home modems and business modems. Its advanced line probing technology detects obstacles between the modem and the internet service provider, avoiding such obstacles beforehand. This helps you stay away from errors that cause issues like slow connection speed.

USRobotics Support Helpline

The modem can efficiently handle the connection requirement of small and big businesses alike. USR customer service number is popularly sought by its huge clientele. Its line probing technology has made it to the headlines time and again. However, technical issues may still arise time to time, where the need to communicate with a technical expert becomes unavoidable.

Common issues where the technical team can help you:

  • Fixing error 777
  • Modem error for command AT+CPMS
  • Router setup and other related errors
  • USR Sportster External modem showing exit error code PPP #10
  • Password reset or recovery
  • Software and modem compatibility
  • Modem showing No Dial Tone
  • Find non-standard dial tone
  • Modem cannot get a 56k connection

Contact the USRobotics customer care toll free number and find instant technical assistance to resolve any of these errors. Our website is a rich source of verified customer care database that brings you immediate help when you need it the most.

Connect instantly with the USR Support phone number and resolve any technical glitch at the earliest!

USRobotics Client Support Phone Number


Contact Number : 0800-368-8383
Call Time EST : Average Wait : 1 min 15 Sec – Mon-Sat 8.00 AM – 9.00 PM
Talk to Agent : Press 0 at each prompt,
For Online Support : USRobotics Client Support Number
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