SPN is a technical support house with a resource of adept technicians who have triumphantly gained invaluable knowledge concerning operating systems, distinct software applications and hardware through years of their participation for technical specialization. Together the whole association aims to instantly resolve software troubles and, to the maximum possible extent, hardware related issues of people from around the globe. To do it successfully in the feasible shortest duration, we rely on the technology and application of the internet in terms of remote connection. Here in this section, we have tried to outline our offers, terms and conditions, maintenance plans, company info, consumer base enhancing policy, and more.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

SPN offers a risk-free thirty days money-back guarantee entirely for the consumer satisfaction. As per the offer, SPN makes a complete refund of money to a consumer if he is not totally satisfied with the service provided or the technical assistance service is not furnished in accordance with service specifications—to know more about them read our terms and conditions. The money is refunded within 30 days from the time of acquiring the service.

Service Detail

To specifically explain our technical assistance services we have broadly classified them into five major categories referable to the installation of any third-party software and customizing it; the examination and correction of OS, software or hardware (to some extent) related errors; guidance on complete and efficient use of a software; technical help for updating software applications and upgrading them to other versions; and the performance augmentation of a computer system.

Types of Maintenance Service Plans from SPN

To build a lasting bond with consumers through dispensing quality, technical assistance services and giving the ease of quick remedies, SPN renders three kinds of support service plans. Distinguished on the basis of validity periods, the plans include technical solutions from all five broad categories of our assistance services.

a) One-time Service Plan (OSP)

It’s a single time assistance with a purpose to provide technical solutions in response to issues a consumer is facing. The money back offer applies to this one-time incident plan and hence, the consumer can call again if the solutions provided to him do not solve the issues.

b) Half-yearly Service Plan (HSP)

The maintenance plan spans for a period of six months and within that SPN technicians can be reached to solve any software and OS related issues. The support facilities under HSP are provided only for the computer system for which the plan is subscribed.

c) Annual Service Plan (ASP)

The support services under this plan extend over a period of 12 months and throughout its validity, SPN technicians can be contacted for technical remedies to any software and OS related troubles. The support facilities under ASP are provided only for the computer system for which the plan is subscribed.

Support Phone Number

SPN is an Indian-origin company with prolific, ingenious and energetic work in digital service domain. The firm has multiple divisions, where each is assigned to excel in their respective fields by furnishing top-notch facilities and products. Since entering the global market, SPN has added pace to its clients’ businesses by delivering growth-oriented products and ideas. The company helps businesses to successfully use the spread of the web through digital appearance in term of customer-friendly websites. Engaging designs, intricate and sophisticated codes, graphics and web-contents are provided to completely launch the websites on the boundless internet. Furthermore, SPN gives feasible and propitious ideas are enhance the productivity of corporates and create their digital awareness through vigorous online marketing strategies.

SPN Technical Services facilitates remote assistance for troubles related to software applications, operating systems, and cyber-hardware. Using the advancements of computing and internet services SPN gives instant technical help.

Consumer Base Expansion Process

Given below is the entire process that adumbrates our interaction with consumers at different stages :

a) Demand Creation

i) To raise the awareness of SPN support facilities and their growing recognition, different approaches of online marketing are adopted.

ii) Through online marketing campaigns people get to know about the assistance facilities from SPN.

b) Approach Made by a Consumer

i) person in need of technical assistance reaches an SPN technician by calling on the toll free number.

ii) No calls are made on SPN behalf to offer technical assistance.

c) Diagnosis of Technical Issues

i) The SPN technician examines technical issues that the person or consumer is facing.

ii) Assistance is given to permanently solve the issues by working at eliminating the root cause.

d) Diagnosis of Technical Issues

i) The consumer is informed of maintenance service plans of SPN and their benefits.

ii) If the consumer wishes to buy a plan, he is guided through the purchase procedure.

iii) Highly useful third-party software applications are suggested to ease maintaining the performance of the system.

e) Consumer Contentment Process

i) Within four days from acquiring technical assistance, the consumer is called by quality assurance staff of SPN to ensure that the service provided to him fixed his problem.

ii) In the unlikely scenario, if the consumer remains unsatisfied or the issues are not resolved, the process for returning his money is initiated.

f) Maintenance Plans Renewal

i) At the time of expiration of SPN maintenance plans, the consumer is notified of the need of his decision on renewal.

ii) For renewal of the plan, he is assisted with the payment process resulting in new subscription.

Consumer Privacy policy

To understand how SPN preserves, manages and utilizes consumer data read the information under “Privacy Policy” by clicking here.

Terms and Conditions

To know all the aspects of SPN technical services and their delivery, read our “Terms and Conditions” by clicking here.

Policy on Remote Access

The section has been made to tell consumers how SPN uses remote access technology to provide instant assistance. To read our remote access policy click here.

Policy on User Safety

The section informs of what we suggest to consumers while taking remote support. To read our user safety policy click here.

Policy on Cookie Use

Cookie is a tiny web file sent to the consumer’s web browser. The website uses it to remember information about the consumer’s visit. To read SPN cookie policy click here.