A product of technological endeavor in the cyber networking field, remote access technology has been one of the driving forces behind the success of distinct businesses. There are innumerable software applications from different makers available in the market to fulfill the task of remote access but a few are trusted. SPN assistance staff uses one such renowned tool, TeamViewer, to resolve system troubles of consumers in the least possible time.

Remote support

FAQs on Quick Remote Support

1. Once I have taken SPN remote support by sharing ID and Password of my TeamViewer, can SPN technician connect to my computer system again, without letting me know?

It’s impossible for a SPN technician to connect to a consumer’s system again because SPN provides remote support using TeamViewer application which generates unique password for each new session. Hence, to connect with the consumer’s system again, the technician would require a new password that is present exclusively with the consumer.

2. Can the technician, after being remotely connected to my system, access all folders and files?

Whatever things a person can access on his computer system will also become accessible to the technician once the remote connection is made.

3. What should I do with my TeamViewer application after the remote support is successfully done?

Consumers can either keep the software installed or uninstall it. A middle way can also be chosen by keeping the software installed but disabling it in the startup tab of “system configuration”. This will prevent the software from initializing every time the computer system boots.

4. What can I do if I feel dubious about the remote session and want to stop the process in between?

There is no issue in this as the consumer can tell the technician anytime to stop the remote session. The consumers can also terminate the session on their own, by using close button available on TeamViewer application.

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