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Outlook Support is an extensive technical assistance provided to the consumers of the web mail service. The assistance is rendered to explain Outlook features precisely and resolve its errors. In 1996, two friends— Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith started an e-mailing service, Hotmail, in California, USA. In the following year, the software giant Microsoft acquired it and re-launched it as MSN Hotmail. Under Outlook technical support, SPN Technical Services delineates utilization of tools, such as online MS Office, Skype and calendar, present within the e-mail facility.

Leaving behind the Hotmail branding after once again renaming the e-mail service as Windows Live Hotmail, in 2013 Microsoft chose Outlook.com to represent its web mailing services having enhanced features. With a team of prolific technicians having cognizance of Outlook features and their working, 24/7 Outlook help is given at 0800-368-8383. In a broad spectrum, the assistance is provided to manage, customize and grant access to Outlook accounts. The user interface of Outlook.com is identical to that of Microsoft Outlook and the e-mail service comes with unlimited cloud storage space and high level security structure. For a better security, Outlook.com uses enhanced e-mail validation system, DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance), designed with an aim of tracking and stopping email spoofing, and for securing the user’s connection with Outlook.com. <strong”>Outlook email support also includes guiding users through the technical advantages of the online mailing service and how to remain protected using its facilities.

Microsoft outlook support

While thoroughly describing the email facility, Outlook Support lays stress on many unique and state-of-the-art features and one of them is Active View. The feature enables the users to directly interact with their e-mail contents without having to get into the e-mail account. The users can reach the support staff of SPN through our Outlook support phone number, 0800-368-8383 if they have any queries regarding the use of Outlook e-mail and its features. Outlook.com also offers an advantageous option to view the contents of other websites, such as LinkedIn, YouTube and Flicker within it, using a link present inside an e-mail. Outlook.com runs equally well on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Remote Outlook help through Outlook support number is also offered to assist the users to seamlessly experience Outlook.com on these browsers. Technicians of Outlook Support UK are responsible for the contentment of users located in the UK by providing quality help referable to Outlook e-mail.

SPN also dispenses guidance on utilization of outlook.com via a web mail service under Microsoft Outlook email help. An e-mail is sent to a user facing troubles regarding outlook.com and wishes to receive instructions through a web mail. Outlook.com lets its users to search messages, using a search containing structured-query syntax such as “from: PayPal”, further, outlook.com options help the users to filter messages and organize them in a folder-based manner. If the user experiences problem understanding and using these features, he can anytime contact Outlook support of SPN Technical Services. Outlook tech support phone number offers quality assistance regarding any aspect of Outlook.com —the web mail service, and for instant solution and remote demonstration of uses of the features, the number can be reached. <strong”>Outlook technical support explains about contact management service in Outlook.com which includes automatic completion of a contact info while creating one, the grouping of contacts, and the import and export of contacts in CSV (comma-separated values) file format.

Following are The Services Provided by SPN to Outlook.com Users:

1. Instructions and guidance on the use of Outlook e-mail features such as Contacts, Online Office, Skype, and Calendar.

2. Assistance with the integration of Outlook.com into different internet browsers.

3. Guidance on protection against cyber threats within Outlook.com.

4. Assistance in using cloud storage and other features of message search and organization.

5. Settlement of Outlook email errors and other related issues of PCs and the web.

6. Help regarding choosing a language and a text format.

7. Support for accessing the contents of other websites within Outlook email, and more.

Out of many factors, the one prime reason behind popularity of Outlook.com is it’s availability in multiple languages. It also has a Rich Text Format, a document file format developed by Microsoft. Outlook email calendar uses Ajax to let users view, add, and drag-and-drop events from one date to another. The calendar’s interface is similar to that of Windows calendar and it supports iCalendar files. Within Outlook.com one can view and edit the files of Microsoft Office, PowerPoint and Excel. SPN technician having insight into the web mail service and its features, can be reached via <strong”>Outlook tech support phone number i.e. , for quick resolve and guidance.

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Contact Number : 0800-368-8383
Call Time EST : Average Wait : 1 minute – Mon-Sat 8.00 AM – 9.00 PM
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For Online Support : Microsoft Outlook Technical Support
Company URL : www.support.microsoft.com