What is Grievance Redress and How to Seek It from SPN?

As it’s with every single thing in this world, the support facilities from SPN, despite dedicated efforts, on the rare occasions, fail to achieve the targeted high standards and remain inadequate to satisfy the valuable consumers. But in view of the fact that consumers’ satisfaction signifies growth, SPN through its quality assurance-cum-grievance redress staff tries to dispense fair treatment and assistance services. The QA members contact the consumers who have taken any technical assistance from SPN technicians, within 4 days from acquiring the service. This is done to identify any resentment among the consumers and ultimately initiate the compensation process.

Grievance redress is our honest approach to realize even the smallest of mistakes and minimize the discontent among consumers at them. Collectively, the QA and redress endeavors also help us in taking our services to the best possible level of quality, by making regular improvements. To ensure its best execution QA and redress work is shared between the parent firm, SPN Technical Services.

Consumers unhappy about any service rendered to them by SPN technicians, can express and share their dissatisfaction either by calling the same toll free number as they have dialed before for technical assistance or by simply e-mailing to the QA team at below mentioned Gmail addresses.

Use following details to reach us through different modes:

Company Address : M-87, Second Floor, Chanakya Place Part II,
New Delhi 110058
Phone Number : +011- 41043513

E-mail Addresses :